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Rock, mulch, sand, soil, compost, granite, gravel, & dirt deliveries.

        Two rows of Missoula Little Dumps customers with products that they have ordered for delivery. In the center, a screenshot of a mobile phone is seen, displaying categories of landscape materials that are available to be ordered.
An image of the rear half of a smaller dump truck and a pile of decomposed granite product that was delivered.

Dig in faster

Spend your weekend actually working on your projects.

It is Wednesday and you're already thinking about everything you want to accomplish over the weekend. The bummer is that if you wait until Saturday to start gathering materials, you'll be lucky to get started on any of the actual project until Sunday...or maybe not until the next week.

Instead, save the hassle and order your bulk materials from Little Dumps. Use our online (24/7) tools to schedule exactly what you need and we'll deliver it before the weekend even starts.

We stock so much rock

One-Stop Bulk Material Shop

We've curated the very best selection of bulk landscape & construction materials for delivery in the Missoula area including the Bitterroot Valley.

Shredded Fir Bark.
Always a hit, this soft product helps with water retention and weed prevention.
Bark Nuggets.
Timeless & versatile, bark nuggets blend into with nearly any landscape project.
Fractured Rock.
Angled edges help this material's pieces "lock" together and create a stable surface.
Round River Rock.
This nature-tumbled & timeless material is sought after by many outside of Montana.
Decorative Rock.
These unique materials are curated to stand out and showcase your unique style.
Road Base Gravel.
A sturdy gravel workhorse. It can fix potholes, make a path, and even add traction.
Pea Gravel.
If it is small enough to get stuck between your toes, but it isn't sand, it's pea gravel.
Garden Soil.
We've become experts in what it takes to make a fertile planting soil and offer several options.
Topsoil can sometimes be confused with planting soils but we'll make sure you know the difference.
Organic Compost.
Adding soil nutrients is a top priority for most gardeners, and we stock some top shelf compost.
Sand Products.
Sand is available in many sizes, colors and textures. We'll help you pick the right one for your project.
So Much More.
Have something else in mind? We offer many other bulk products that are not listed here.

We've taken thousands and thousands of perfect dumps.

"I decided to do a yard project over Labor Day weekend on the Friday before Labor Day - 😬 I needed pea gravel without a hauling vehicle and thought there is no way I can get this done…..then a google search later, I found Little Dumps Missoula and placed an order around 10:30 am and had my pea gravel delivered before 12:30 pm that same day! I couldn’t believe it!!!!! Project is done and I couldn’t be happier - the online process was amazing, they even have a project calculator to help you figure out what you need. Returning and happy customer here, highly recommend!! 🙌🏼"

Missing Image for A Peterman
A Peterman

"Little Dumps is excellent! Great service, great price, text updates, friendly, and excellent product. I’ve used them twice and will continue to use them. I have a small yard with small projects and they are perfect for my needs. They save me money and so much better than buying bags of product at big box stores!"

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Dylan S

"Brian from Little Dumps is exceptional and knows how to run a business. Unlike many other companies in the area who promise and don't deliver, you can expect top notch customer service from Little Dumps. We need more of that customer service in the Missoula and Bitterroot areas."

Missing Image for A White
A White

"I ordered one yard of driveway gravel Saturday afternoon. I was able to have it delivered Sunday morning. Driver texted, and showed up 10 minutes later. They dumped it exactly where I wanted. Material was exactly what I needed. Does it get any better than this?"

Missing Image for Art in MT
Art in MT

"Little Dumps provides excellent service. Steve did a great job in describing the products they have, and we opted for high-quality compost. The delivery went like clockwork! Especially for people without a pickup, Little Dumps offers a real service and delivers a quality yard product. Transacting with Little Dumps was a real pleasure!"

Missing Image for C Reichert
C Reichert

"Fantastic service. One of the best on-line ordering experiences I've ever had. Will definitely be staying in our vendor list!! Glad they're part of the Bitterroot!"

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Ross R

"We've had several loads of rocks and soil delivered from Little Dumps ranging from 1cu yd to 10 (made of several smaller loads) in a single day. While they do a great job delivering what is asked in a timely manner, they are always very precise in their delivery and take the extra time to clean up. For example, we had rocks delivered in the front of our house on the side of the road and a few rocks found their way into our grass. The guy who delivered the rocks spent time to clean up the rocks, which shows that they care. That's what makes them a 5* company."

Missing Image for Cliff S
Cliff S

"We are xeriscaping our front yard. Little Dumps has been invaluable for our project. It has been difficult to accurately estimate how much mulch and road base we need so being able to order a load at a time means we don't have excess sitting in our driveway. The quality of the materials is great. The drivers are very professional and capable. When I've called to ask questions about a specific product or volume to order, the staff has been very friendly and helpful. So far I've been able to get same day delivery which is great! The service we have received couldn't be better. I highly recommend Little Dumps for any DIY project you have. These guys are great!"

Missing Image for Jo Jones
Jo Jones

"I have ordered 3 loads from Little Dumps and every time it has been on time and dumped exactly where I want it. I will definitely be using them again."

Missing Image for M Lloyd
M Lloyd

"Your website is great, very user friendly. And my husband really appreciated the help with the tarp so the dirt wouldn’t spill in the driveway. P.S. He wanted the driver to know he got it all moved in an hour and a half and the tarp put away before it started to rain. We’d happily use your company again."

Missing Image for Monica P
Monica P
An image of a Little Dumps dump truck after dumping out a load of Compost.
A photo of the large, 15-ton, Little Dumps dump truck in a sunny parking lot.
A photo of a Little Dumps dump truck parked under a tree with fall colors.

A truck for every dump.

Put our fleet of big and little dump trucks to work for you! Online ordering of bulk gravel, rock, sand, decomposed granite, mulch, bark, soil, topsoil, and compost for your home or business.