Soil Pep Delivery

Made largely from composted wood products, soil pep freshens a landscape while adding nutrients to your surrounding plants.

Image of Dark Soil Pep showing the texture with a hand for scale.
Image of Dark Soil Pep showing the texture.

Your Garden's Energy Drink Transform Your Landscape with Soil Pep

Soil pep (AKA "soil conditioner" or "dark fines") is an organic material often used in landscaping projects. It is made from composted wood, bark, leaves, and other organic materials, and it offers many benefits to your plants and soil.

Soil Pep Benefits

One of the primary benefits of soil pep is that it helps to improve soil structure. It is able to break up heavy clay soils and improve the drainage of compacted soils. Additionally, soil pep can help to retain moisture in sandy soils, which can help to reduce water usage. It is rich in organic matter and its nutrients help support healthy root development and promote strong, vibrant plants.

An example image showing soil pep texture and color. This product is available for delivery in the Missoula Valley.

Lightweight & Smells Great

Soil pep is an aesthetic and great smelling decorative mulch that helps retain moisture and suppress weed growth. When used as a top dressing for lawns, soil pep can improve soil health and promote healthier grass.

Overall, soil pep is a versatile and effective material that can be used in a variety of landscaping projects. It has the ability to improve soil structure, provide nutrients to plants, and enhance the appearance of outdoor spaces making it a valuable addition to any gardening or landscaping toolbox.

Easy Soil Pep Delivery from Little Dumps

There aren’t many products that can transform a space as quickly as soil pep. When you’re ready to try out this material at your own home, we’re here to assist. Order an on-so-easy material delivery and we’ll bring it in one of our dump trucks so you can focus on your project.