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  • Overhead view of Little Dumps dark soil pep landscape mulch showing its brown woody texture.
  • Overhead view of Little Dumps d ark soil pep landscape mulch in the background with a hand holding the material for scale
  • Photo of a finished landscape project where Little Dumps dark soil pep was used around plantings and between pathways.
Mulch & Bark

Soil Pep

This gorgeous mulch is often mistakenly referred to as “Soil Prep” and it’s easy to see why, since this material is often mixed in with other soils to better prepare soil mixtures to be as fertile as possible for growing.  This is also sometimes called “Dark Fines”.

We love spreading it around other plantings as a top dressing and offers a nice fresh aroma.  The woody makeup of Soil Pep also helps to retain moisture for your plants and it is easy to freshen up each year, giving your yard that brand new look each season without much work. 

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