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  • Garden & Flowerbed Blended Soil
  • Garden & Flowerbed Blended Soil
Soil & Compost

Garden & Flowerbed Blended Soil

This premium Missoula garden soil offers a mix of Missoula-based Garden City Compost and decomposed organic materials. It does not include any screened topsoil but does contain treated biosolids that meet the EPA’s Class A Criteria. You can plant directly into this soil blend….nothing else is needed!  It is perfect for flower pots, garden boxes, and planting containers as well as in-ground vegetable & garden beds.

A couple of other notes:

1) This product has, in the past, included a cow manure-based compost (instead of Garden City Compost’s product).  It has not been possible for us to secure an ongoing & reliable source of herbicide-free manure compost and (in May 2022) we elected to change the makeup of this product to use only regularly tested and readily available compost.

2) We cannot guarantee that this product will be weed-free.  The process of creating this soil includes mixing together organic materials and while we are very confident in its fertility for growing your garden and flowers, we cannot ensure that weeds won’t be present, or find their way in after delivery.  We are not able to offer refunds for any delivery based on the presence of weeds.

If you would prefer a garden blend that does not include any bio-solid contents, please consider our Organic Garden & Flowerbed Blended Soil that includes an OMRI-certified poultry compost.

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