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Organic Garden & Flowerbed Blended Soil

Like many of you, we have been searching for an all-organic-based planting product where we have a better understanding of the soil composition and where the materials came from. We’re so excited to finally be able to introduce our new planting mix, codenamed our “Dirty Little Secret”!

The natural decomposed organic material that provided the base for this material (largely leaves & wood chips) is mixed with OMRI-certified poultry compost & a wee bit of sand for increased drainage.  Naturally pesticide-free, there are absolutely no biosolids included and no sifted or screened dirt/soil materials. By default, there is very little chance that any weed seeds will find their way into your garden!

If you’d like to see this material for yourself, be sure to stop by and visit our (new for 2021) product kiosk, located inside the Home Resource property.  There you can purchase this product in smaller (burlap) bagged quantities, or fill a bucket of your own.  No more plastic bags!

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