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  • Crushed River Rock (3/4" Rainbow)
  • Crushed River Rock (3/4" Rainbow)
  • Crushed River Rock (3/4" Rainbow)
Gravel, Rock & Sand Crushed Rock

Crushed River Rock (3/4″ Rainbow)

Introducing our jack-of-all-trades product, proudly crafted right here in Kalispell. Upon delivery, you may notice a subtle “gray” hue, but don’t fret; its vibrant colors emerge beautifully after a couple of refreshing rain showers.

Ideal for pathways, shed foundations, parking lots, drainage solutions, driveways, road construction, concrete support, enhancing traction, concealing unsightly dirt patches behind your garage, and an array of other projects. If there’s one landscape material you need in Kalispell, this versatile solution is your go-to.

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