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  • Glacier River Rock (3/4" Rainbow)
  • Glacier River Rock (3/4" Rainbow)
Gravel, Rock & Sand Decorative

Round Glacier Rock (3/4″ Rainbow)

There is currently a shortage of quality round river rock that dates back to mid-2022.  We understand that local concrete producers need all of the available material to meet construction demand.

Given this shortage, we decided to import some premium material from the NW corner of the state for this season (2023). Our new “Glacier” rock is similar in its rainbow color to our other “River” products, but man alive…it is primo. The colors seem even brighter and the size/shape/consistency is dramatically different.  We’ve been missing the ability to offer a 3/4″ round rock option and this product fills that void nicely!

Compare this to our locally sourced Round River Rock (3/4″) and know that we’ll offer that product again as soon as more becomes available.

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