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  • Cedar Wood Chips
  • Cedar Wood Chips photo showing average size with a hand for reference
  • Cedar Wood Chips showing some of the larger sized pieces that may be present
Mulch & Bark

Cedar Wood Chips

Cedar chips serve various purposes in the garden by suppressing weeds, neatening the appearance of landscape beds, conserving water, and even diminishing soil erosion.  These “rough cut” chips also work really well for pathways with most pieces being 1-3″, some in the 2-4″ range, and a few that are as big as 6-7″. 

If you need something that is smaller & better suited for a play area, we also offer an (IPEMA-certified) engineered wood fiber product called “Playground Wood Chips“. While it is not made from cedar, use of this material can help reduce the risk of fall-related injury in play areas.

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