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  • Arborist Wood Chips
  • Image showing the texture of arborist wood chips, taken from above.
  • Image showing the texture and scale of arborist wood chips with a hand for scale.
Mulch & Bark

Arborist Wood Chips

A by-product of local Missoula tree work, Arborist Chips include all parts of freshly-serviced trees that have made their way through the chipper (branches, leaves, bark, etc). These chips will vary in their composition & species per load and can provide great benefits to your landscape.

Acting as a natural mulch, applying a thick layer (3”-4”) to an area will help to suppress weeds. By using all parts of the tree, these chips help to retain and slowly release moisture into soil. They’ll help to protect the ground from a hot sun, keeping soil cool and plants happy.

As a soil amendment, Arborist Chips decompose slowly, gradually supplying a diverse environment of beneficial nutrients and thus contributing to long-term soil health, feeding nearby plants and trees.

This material can also be used to create garden pathways, cultivate mushrooms, nourish your orchard, or simply as an aromatic top dressing for your landscape!

Take care not to apply natural mulch directly around the stems of trees and shrubs, which can cause rot and suffocate plant roots. You also do not want to incorporate this green carbon source into garden soil, as they’ll inhibit plants’ uptake of available nitrogen.

Due to the nature of this product, we cannot guarantee the absence of weeds or herbicides. Additionally, the photos shown here may not closely match the material we currently have in stock.  Images should be considered an approximation of what the delivered material will look like.

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