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Need Dirt? We Deliver!

Little Dumps is different.

Fixing up your place is supposed to be fun and we're hyper-focused on keeping it that way. To-do lists can feel neverending but there are few better feelings than the sense of accomplishment one gets from completing a home improvement project.

We created Little Dumps to help make it easy to start (and finish) your projects, with a few guiding principles:

  • Always create an ultra-approachable company vibe. This is critical. There are no dumb questions at Little Dumps.
  • Empower customers to spend their free time WORKING on their projects, not gathering the materials for them.
  • Make it ultra-easy to order, schedule, & pay for a landscape material delivery online (24/7). Then, try to make it easier.
  • Do everything in your power to communicate order & delivery information. Be on time, if not early.

Seriously, We’re here to help..

You're a grade-A DIYer and professional slayer of the to-do list. While you can certainly troubleshoot with the best of 'em, know that we're always here if you have questions about a product, volume measurement, or just want to brainstorm a bit.

Little Dumps founders with Little Dumps truck.
Little Dumps Founders, Ross Peterson & Doug Shryock

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