Soil Pep

Recommended Application(s):

  • Amendment to give added organic nutrients to soil
  • Main ingredient in container mixes, greenhouse mixes, potting soils, box gardens and any other general soil preparation.
  • Can also be used as bark mulch or a top dressing for any landscaping needs

Soil pep is a 3/8 minus screened bark material (fresh bark fines) that is a great soil additive. It can be used as a top dressing or mixed into the soil when planting seeds, flowers, shrubs or trees. It is made of composted bark products and does not steal nutrients from the soil. It does not contain any added nutrients so gardens and plants will still need to be regularly fertilized throughout the summer if you incorporate this product into the soil.

Because soil pep does not contain manure or fertilizers, it is a great mulch to help prevent weed seeds from germinating, conserve soil moisture, and compliment the benefits of other gardening activities….not to mention it smells great!

One can add a layer of soil pep over garden soil after planting vegetables and flowers for a nice finishing touch as well. Additionally, soil pep can be mixed into the soil each fall to prepare gardens for winter.

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