100% Recycled Local Wood Mulch

Looking for an attractive, sustainable, locally-produced & economically-priced ground cover? This material checks all of those boxes and more!

Made from used shipping pallets and the cut ends of new construction projects, this wood mulch is composed of approximately 60-70% western softwoods and 30-40% eastern hardwoods.

The cutting & grinding process that creates this material is performed two full times and includes filtering with a high-powered magnet to remove nails and other metal parts (recycled separately).

DISCLAIMER: While this double-cut grinding and filtering process is very effective, we cannot guarantee that it is 100% metal and/or nail-free. Additionally, there is likely to be very small pieces of shredded plastic, house-wrap, or other non-wood products that sneak through the grinder.

If your location requires a more “pure” or “virgin” wood product, we recommend that you consider a non-recycled material and something different than this recycled material.

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