Garden City Compost

Recommended Application(s):

  • Lawn top dressing
  • Amending planting and garden soils

Previously known as “EKO Compost”, this organic compost (containing bio-solids) can help promote root growth and plant health when it is added to your garden soil, lawn or landscaping beds. It is pH balanced to provide the proper growing environment for most plants. It offers essential trace elements and organic matter to help plants flourish.


Could you explain the difference between the Garden City Compost and Super Rich Premium Compost?

Garden city compost is lighter and has less actual soil in it. It is a combination of brush, grass and leaves with added nutrients from the Missoula city water treatment plant (biosolids). This might sound a little gross, but the material is rigorously tested and makes for an extremely good compost.

Super Rich Premium is a combination of cow manure, soil pep, and topsoil. It’s heavier and feels more like a traditional “soil”.

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