Can I call you to make an delivery order?

While we’re 100% available by phone, all of our ordering is done online. Don’t let that scare you though! If you need a hand, just give us a ring and we’ll walk you through the process. 🙂

Can I pick the exact time for my delivery?

You can! We build out our schedule starting in the AM and later delivery spots are automatically opened up from there, as additional online orders come in. If you have a special need or a very specific time that an order needs to be delivered, please contact us.

I have my own truck, can I come have you load it up for me?

Sorry, we’re a delivery service only and don’t sell our materials any other way. If you don’t want to get your truck all muddy, or beat up, hop online and we’ll take care of the dirty work.

How much material is a (cubic) yard?

Great question! A cubic yard is 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet, so 27 cubic feet in total (3x3x3 = 27). Many of the plastic bags of soil that you can buy at home improvement stores are 1 cubic foot per bag…so you’d need 27 bags to get one yard. If you were to use 5-gallon buckets, you’d need approximately 40 of them to get 1 yard. Also, we offer a yardage calculator that might help you figure out how much material you need.

I’d like to get a 1/2 yard delivery, is that possible?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer 1/2 yard increments at this time.

Can you combine two different materials into one delivery?

Unfortunately, we can’t mix/match materials. Each material that we deliver must be on its own time slot and they cannot be combined together.