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  • Garden City Compost
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Garden City Compost

A staple in the landscape and gardening community. This product was previously created by a private company called “EKO Compost”.  The operation was purchased by the City of Missoula in 2016 and  it was renamed “Garden City Compost” (GCC). This Class A Compost is produced from a blend of local organics such as (but not limited to) wasted food, yard waste, compostable containers, and treated biosolids.

This material is monitored daily for proper temperatures while breaking down in the 1st stage, screened down to 3/8” and then allowed to sit and cure until it is ready to use in gardens, lawns, farms, orchards, and any soil that needs a natural boost.

Given the nutrient density of this material, the folks at Garden City Compost recommend mixing this material 50/50 with one’s existing soil as an amendment and not a replacement. This mixing of soil can be accomplished with a powered rototiller, or manually with a shovel and hoe. 

For existing trees and lawns, this material can also be added as an overlay around tree bases or spread directly on top of lawns as needed.

If you’d like to see this material for yourself,  be sure to stop by and visit our (new for 2024) product kiosks, located at Bitterroot Nursery & K&S Greenhouse in Hamilton, or Brown’s Greenhouse in Florence. 

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